Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Forest Glen Run: Where is the Forest? Or the Glen?

I took my very first Project Crow journey on December 9, 2018 from the Forest Glen Red Line Station. This station is the closest to my house of all of them and the route is almost entirely downhill, so this was a short, charming run.

Forest Glen Station is located on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road in Silver Spring, Maryland. Probably the most interesting thing about this station is that at 196 feet deep, it is the deepest station in the whole of the system. There are no escalators, just high-speed elevators, many of which work much of the time. It is the only station that doesn't have escalators, so don't get stuck there if there is a power outage and you don't feel like walking up 21 flights of stairs.

Photo of the front of the Foorest Glen station, which is basically a big slab of concrete with an entrance in it.
Such a beautiful glen.
Evidently this station opened in 1990. It has a parking lot, although unless you're there by 9am, you will likely not get a spot. Depending on day of the week and the weather, it can fill up before then.

This station is located in Forest Glen, which is a census-designated place. I had never heard of a CDP before I started wondering about WHERE IS THE FOREST? Evidently a census-designated place is a concentration of population defined by the Census Bureau for statistical purposes only. Huh. Who knew? (Wikipedia knew.)

This run was great. Here is my route: I ran down Forest Glen Rd to Linden Lane across the railroad tracks. There are a couple of options after you cross the Beltway (I love running over highway overpasses—I don't know why. You can go the safe up Woodley Avenue then down Forsythe Avenue way or you can go on the twisty, no-shoulder Newcastle Avenue. I always take Newcastle because Forsythe Avenue is really steep. If you ever take Newcastle, be careful and be mindful of which side of the road you run on. I spend some time on the right side because there are lots of blind turns if you're on the left. After Newcastle, I ran to Jones Mill and took a right back under the Beltway and I was done! At 1.3 miles, this is definitely my shortest Project Crow journey.

map showing my route from Forest Glen to my neighborhood
It feels a lot twistier than it looks.
Graphic of the elevation of my run, which shows a steady descent from 383 feet to 195 feet.
A big reason why this run was fun.
So there you have it: my inaugural crow run—on which I saw no crows. I have, however, seen them at that station before so it is not entirely unfitting that this was my first. On to the next one!

me in front of the Forest Glen Station


Metro station: Forest Glen
Line: Red
Distance: 1.3 miles
Time: 14:28
Pace: 11:07 min/mi
Crow sightings: zero
Interesting run tidbit: This was the first official Project Crow run!

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